hey there! it's me, karen

I’m a down to earth dreamer and photographer living in the Pacific Northwest. I love all things weird and wonderful. And I help couples capture their every day love stories - at any stage of life. I first picked up a camera when I was less than 10 years old. My old Olympus and I went to camp together, the beach, Disneyland, birthday parties, and so much more. As I took more pictures, my need to pick up that camera only grew. Ever since, my mission with photography is to make the ordinary seem extra. I want you to look and stop and then look again, realizing that the face staring back at you is ... you ... illuminated. Romance and reality coexisting. I believe in love and passion, and I believe in capturing it with spirit and spunk. No frills, no added-show, just you and your love doing what you do best - life together. 

You can usually find me with a camera in one hand (duh!), a cookbook in another, and hiking boots on my feet. I’m a busy and energetic entrepreneur, testing recipes, capturing love stories, writing whatever I can, and helping other brilliant entrepreneurs capture their stories visually. All of those things are a wonderful way to spend my time, but the love of my life is a boy named Ethan. I never knew what a real relationship was until I met him. And ever since being with him, I have been obsessed with how other folks do this thing we call love. Because YOUR love story is so dang important. So that’s why you can find me here today.  

Capturing your love story at every stage is a historical and ridiculously powerful practice. You will grow and you will change. And having prints along the way will communicate your story for generations to come.


I help couples capture their every day love story in an authentic way so they can preserve personal and timeless moments together at every stage of life. 

Think about the afternoons you spend on the couch where soft sunlight illuminates your lover’s face as you binge the latest Netflix craze. Or the surprise picnic by the water, holding hands and sneaking wine from a paper bag. And the early mornings, quietly hoping to get a glimpse of the mountaintop, sans crowd. These are the simple times living in your head, just waiting to be captured on film.

So let’s meet for your favorite drink and get to know each other. Together, we will document your love story in a way that surprises and builds a foundation of your dreams in reality.

What to expect when you're with me...

I keep things simple. I use our time together and the frames we capture very carefully. Our experience will be meaningful and based on your definition of fun. I'm here to help you tell your story. So, are you ready to get started?

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