Hey I see you over there!

You’re working hard. You’re hustling. You’re doing the damn thing! That’s no small feat.

And listen. I get it. Your business is your baby. You’re not going to let just some stranger off the street see the magic you’ve got brewing over there. But you do need to let others know what you’re doing. And you’re a little stuck on how to do that. Yeah?

You’re looking for a trustworthy + creative partner to help bring your brand story to life.

That’s where I come in.


A photographer = creative BFF

Bringing a photographer into your business allows you to celebrate and convey all the hard work, heartache, and victory you experience day in and day out. All your followers, supporters, and fans are on the edge of their seats, just waiting to get to know you better. They want to see your face, know what you’re doing, and understand what it takes to do what you’re doing in a very REAL way. That’s something only images can provide.

You’re here to share something with the world.  

Whether it is a product, service, or experience, what you are doing is important. I see you. I see your story. It’s there percolating under the surface of endless emails, deadlines, and big cups of coffee. It’s ready to live on screen and in print. So, let it live. Whether you’re doing a big launch, updating a service, or just starting out, celebrate!

To have photos of what you’re doing is game changing. Not only will sales get a boost, your network will too.


Not your mama’s headshots

Let me be clear, what we do together is not what anyone else is doing atm. I’m not going to have you stand in front of a wall, tell you to smize, and then walk away. Your brand story is SO much more than a headshot. Your brand story is YOU. It’s you answering emails, coffee in hand. It’s you meeting with clients at the bar next door. It’s you at your workstation making that custom product. It’s you with your dog trying to understand that whole “work-like-balance” thing. It’s YOU doing all the things. And people want to see that.

You need lots of images for your…




Social Media



So we are going to chat, a lot. Build a storyboard. And figure out why we are taking these pictures in the first place, together. We’re going to make a plan, do the plan, and then slay the plan.

You’re gonna say, “YAS. That’s it. That’s my story. That’s my brand. Watch out world!”

You’ve got it. Flaunt it.

You’ve built something special here, flaunt it. Capture the real root of why you’re doing what you’re doing. But most of all, honor your creativity and grit. I’ve got your back, plain and simple. Let’s get this party started.


Bangin’ + honest storytelling

So, here’s what’s ahead for you + your business…

  • A photographer // creative BFF to collaborate with + outline your visual story.

  • A photographer// creative BFF who prioritizes being on the same page, so you can focus on the good stuff – WORK.

  • Simple, straightforward booking.  No weird fees, extra tax, or kidnapped images – I got your back!

  • A real + trusting relationship that brings honest images to life.   


See for yourself

Like I said, these aren’t your mama’s headshots. This is a wholistic experience where you walk away with a vision for your future, new cheerleader + trusted partner, and a whole lotta confidence. I love my job, and I love the people I get to work with. Take a look yourself:

Meet Lizzie

“Karen has taken photos for my business three times so far and they’re always exactly what I need! She does an excellent job of capturing my brand essence and listening to my needs. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Follow Lizzie:

Meet Michelle

“Karen is fantastic! Beyond standout quality of work, she is professional and fun to work with. Karen’s work is beautiful and represents the values and personality of what I do.”

Follow Michelle:

Meet Chelsea

“Karen cares about the good stuff - the important stuff - like making sure you're comfortable and that you feel like you in front of the camera. She is great at boiling things down to *your* vision and what's special about you and / or your project. I believe it's because of this that her photos are so stunning. Oh, and she works lightning fast. ⚡️”

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karen kirsch_alpha-3.jpg

Value: $495

2 hours before the camera – storyboard planning session with Karen
(stiff drinks optional, but encouraged)

5 hours with the camera - do the storyboard, slay the storyboard

Schedule adjustments + optimization

Photos {for your website, social media, blog, whatever} that tell your brand story + make you wanna DANCE

Access to + networking with the best vendors in town

Free use of the sickest daylight studio in Seattle

Lots of love in the editing workshop

High resolution gallery + printing rights

Rad print shop that gets it done right

Lots of hugs + high fives



Additional hours: $200 each

60 minute reflection + strategy session after the camera: $250

A new creative BFF: Priceless


Take a moment to stretch, walk around, and breathe.

I’m ready to go. When you are ready, I’m here. Send me a note and let’s get this party started.

Text / Call: 206-660-5894