Are you operating your camera? Or is it operating you?


Let me teach you, one on one and in person, how to use your camera and how to use it exactly the way you want to. 

I've been there. New and fancy camera in hand. Beautiful window light. Awesome subject in front of me. *Click* ... and *ugh*... Not great. Commencing waves of disappointment to wash over me. 

I have been a student of photography for over ten years. And I even make a living from it now. I am mostly self-taught and am able to shoot in manual mode using Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and more. My philosophy is this: if you know the basics, it doesn’t matter what camera you are using. Anyone can take great pictures, it just takes a little bit of knowledge and practice.

Go from taking lack luster images to ones that take your breath away and portray exactly what want.

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You’ve got this fancy camera and you have tried to learn how to use it, but you just don’t know why your images aren’t getting better. And if you’re like me, you learn best in an active and interactive environment. Reading online, watching YouTube, or even attending in-person lectures have never helped you. You know you just need to work side by side with someone and ask them a bunch of questions to learn a new tool or skill. This is why Camera Lessons were born.

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