I don’t wanna be too forward… but…


Documenting each little step, hiccup, and burp, is precious. And yes, I get a little sappy when I’m talking about family. I myself have 8 nieces and nephews. They are my world. I grew up in a big family, so it’s important for me to witness each milestone, every concert or basketball game, and first taste of chocolate ice cream. My grandfather always had a saying, “Family first.” That’s who I am today, a family first kind of gal. So when I can’t witness every single milestone, photographs become even more important.

Life moves fast when you’re having fun.

You know this, one minute your baby is cooing at you and the next minute she’s running around with her friends squawking like a dinosaur. Having a family is a wild ride. And sometimes its hard to stop to take a look around, to truly cement each moment into memory. That’s why I’m here. To help you remember how small her hands were, how big his laugh was, and how strong you all have always been.

Real life. Real special.

You’re going to get dressed up in your Pinterest best, adventure to one of your favorite places, and hope to the heavens that everyone smiles. That’s a lot of pressure. But here’s the thing: Being an Aunt of 8 I understand that kids need to run around, have a bit of control, and get to know new people on their own terms. So that’s what we are going to do. I’ll let them take a picture with my camera if they’re interested, I’ll chase them if they wanna play tag, and I’ll squawk like a dinosaur if they think it’s funny. Something that I understand about family is that it isn’t perfect. But it is incredibly beautiful and special just the way it is. So we are going to get those awesome group shots with everyone smiling AND we are going to have fun doing it.


So here are the nitty gritty details …

Value: $395

1 hour family session in studio or at your favorite location.
30 minute buffer, built in for extra fun.
Photos that make you wanna DANCE and CRY all at the same time.
Lots of love in the editing workshop.
First-rate print shop that gets it done right.
Shareable online gallery + high resolution printing rights.
Straight forward + easy booking. (no hidden fees. no taxes. I got you!)
Lots of hugs, high fives + laughs.

Sit back and relax. Think about how your beautiful world is going look in print.
Imagine the memories that are about to be tangible in your hands.
If you’re ready, I’m here. Send me a note to schedule your session today.