Hey, I’m Karen.

Part high school photography teacher, part professional photographer, wannabe chef, fluent GIF speaker, connector, and encourager.

I love teaching and I love photography. I shake cocktails and run triathlons. Real life is a balance. And I'm here for it.

What I do is about YOU and because of YOU. How you live right now, how you want to remember how you’re living right now, and how you want to express it all.

Think of me as your new creative best friend.

We're going to capture your life just the way you want, and based on your definition of fun. So we can climb mountains if that's what you're into. I'll bring some whiskey in a thermos for the top. Or, maybe, we will just stay in with Doctor Who playing in the background.  Your life is fun. It's an adventure all on its own. Let's capture it just the way it is

I love real life and I love helping it feel real special! Let’s grab a drink and talk about it.

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I like to share the images we create.
And I’m really thankful for the folks listed below who believe in what
we’re doing here.

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