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Meet Karen Leann Kirsch, that’s me!

Photo by Janelle Elaine.

Hello! I'm Karen. I like to work with passionate and creative people in and around the Pacific Northwest. My home is Seattle. But, let’s be real, I am so ready to GO ANYWHERE. I wear many hats: photographer, writer, creative director, GIF connoisseur, home cook, travel buddy. But my favorite hat is this: your creative best friend. I've been photographing people in love and brands on-the-rise since 2013, and I just can't stop.

I love real life ... 
(ya know: the hard work, the inside jokes, the long hugs, the cold drinks)  
… and I love capturing it even more.

Stuff that gets me up in the morning:
A well curated restaurant, a sense of community, soulful imagery, adventure of any kind, my husband Ethan (he’s the one kissing me here - he says hello too, btw), and that weird kind of abstract art you gotta look at a million times to understand.

Hiring a photographer for {whatever time in life you’re in} is a big deal. And I take that seriously. My only way of operating is through collaborating. So whatever we do, we'll do it on your terms and by your definition of fun.

Wanna work together? Hit the button below, and let me take you out for a drink {or something}. We’re going to have a lot of fun!