Nauchelle + Iain

Nauchelle is full of color. She bounces into a conversation without much notice of whatever else is going on because something amazing has just sprung into her brain. Her energy is as boundless as it is unpredictable. Iain is quiet, insightful, and full of calculated whit. He knows exactly when Nauchelle is going to strike and has the perfect way of folding her into any situation. She's a pacific northwest girl and he's Scotsman. Who knew that soulmates would grow up so far away from each other? Their romance is anything but textbook, and this engagement session was nothing less than a dream unfolding in front of a lens. 

I met Nauchelle during a very different time in my life. We both lived with our parents on the east-side and we worked for the local community center as day camp counselors. Our days were spent hanging out with kids and going to water parks. I lived for every minute of it. Nauchelle, or as I like to call her, Nacho, HATED IT. But, like any good story we were perfect foils to each other's personality and it was one of the best summers ever. 

After that summer, Nacho moved to Boston to go to school at Northeastern to study engineering. During the last part of her education, she decided to study abroad in Scotland. One night she found herself at a local pub in Edinburgh called the Cuckoo's Nest. As fate would have it, local boy Iain was celebrating his birthday in that very same pub that night. After pretending to be his girlfriend so she could get into the next club, and swatting away the other ladies annoying Iain for his attention, Iain asked for a birthday kiss. So of course, his friend Ed over heard this and gave him one right on the mouth. Not exactly what he was intending, he looked at Nauchelle, who thought what had just happened was very funny, and said, "I'd rather it had been been from you." So she kissed him. And then all bets were off. These two became inseparable. 

From comedy clubs to meeting his parents on their second date to traveling away together for a weekend only 8 days after their first date, these two are the definition of a "whirlwind romance". And after much distance and time spent on skype, Iain traveled to America to ask Nauchelle to marry him. 

I asked each of them how they knew this relationship was right. Here are their answers:

Iain: Nauchelle wears her heart on her sleeve. I knew pretty quick that I loved her. 

Then suddenly Nachuelle interrupts our conversation ... "I've never had a hot buttered rum!" .... We were at a bar, and she was drinking her first hot buttered rum. Iain quickly laughed and leaned into her. You could totally tell he was thinking, "Ha, classic her" and meant it with every loving word.

Nauchelle: I knew when I realized he could put up with me. He's so thoughtful and sweet. 

And then Nauchelle said the most profound and romantic thing I have ever heard. She looked at Iain and said, "Whenever I'm with you, I want champagne." After that, she ordered them two flutes. 

I'm not here to say that I know what will make a marriage last. But these two have a profound mutual love for fajitas and being there for each other .... no matter the distance. And I believe that if there ever was a couple to have a fighting chance, these two would be it. Cheers!

Karen Kirsch2 Comments