Sweet Lo's Ice Cream

In my life so far, I have met very few people who's passion could very well change the way people think about things. Lauren of Sweet Lo's Ice Cream is one of those people. She makes her ice cream with no additives, no preservatives. It's just whole ingredients and a whole lotta love. In my opinion, she is going to change the face of the ice cream game. And YOU could be a part of it.  

We met on a rooftop at a party my friend Chloe was throwing. I was nervous, because I totally didn't know anyone. But Chloe had mentioned this brilliant ice cream maker who was coming, and she swore we'd get along. Later on, I was introduced to Lauren and we began talking about her business. We traded stories of food and passion and then the night ended. A few days later, I ordered some ice cream from her and fell in love. After that, I had filed her away as an amazing person who was going places, added her to all my social medias, and smiled when I realized that I got to meet her before she was "famous". 

Fast forward about a year to this past summer. I was checking my email when a vaguely familiar address popped up in my inbox. It was Lauren asking me if I would take pictures of her and her ice cream for a GoFundMe campaign she was starting. Without hesitation, I asked her when and where we should meet. And the rest, as they say my friends, is h(er)story. 

So where do YOU come in? If you believe that homemade ice cream should be available to the masses, then donate to Lauren's GoFundMe campaign. She needs a bigger ice cream maker and a pasteurizer to get her ice cream to more people, and without sacrificing her craft. Head on over to https://www.gofundme.com/helpsweetlosicecream to learn more about Lauren's story and donate to the cause. Be a part of the ice cream revolution coming to Seattle.