Seattle Womxn's March

Yesterday, I went to the march. The march that felt like, to some, was the march to end all marches. To many others like me, it really felt only like a beginning. We marched for ourselves. But even more, we marched for everyone. All of the hundreds of thousands of people marching with us ... and the millions that weren't.  We were mostly quiet, because that was the plan, to make way for the tsunami of sound waves that would erupt of empowerment, anger, and hope. We had signs. They made me laugh. They made my heart hurt. And some really made me think. My favorite sign that I saw wasn't even at the same march I was at. My friend in NYC walked with a sign held proudly that read, "This is an expression of hope".  My second favorite sign was held by my best friend, marching alongside me. Her small pink poster rang out, "You belong". I wasn't at a protest yesterday. I was at a hopefest yesterday.

I saw little girls with fire, boys with their dads experiencing h(er)story, older women who have been doing this kind of thing for far too long, and marginalized communities reaching out for more. Moms profoundly shaking their heads with a statement of "YAS" in their eyes. Couples holding each other with love and anxiety. And I also saw a lot of ladies taking selfies, wandering in and out from the crowd, laughing, and wearing pink hats. I saw people protesting NODAPL, climate change, BLM, you name it ... people were mad about it. The march was not just about women yesterday. It was about being aware and responsible for all of the hurt and anger inflicting our country. It became confusing to try to process it all at once. 

So while I reflect about everything today, I sat with my mom trying to describe to her my experience. It wasn't as exciting or profound I was expecting. But it was a manifestation of everything we need to do in the next four years. And like my mom said to me today, even if every person (republican or democrat) takes on just one thing that they are individually passionate about, WE will make a difference. The president is not America. WE are America. So yesterday we did not just march for ourselves. We marched for everyone.