Bryanna Woo

Have you heard of Instagram Stories? I guess it’s the new Snapchat, but don’t quote me on that (or hate me!). And well, I am seeing more and more people turn the cameras on themselves and let their audience in on their lives behind the scenes. One day, I was feeling rather brave and decided to try it out for myself. After scrolling through my feed and feeling overwhelmingly inspired — I wanted to actually connect with someone real. So I put out a call. And before I could run away in embarrassment and delete my story, Bryanna reached out. 

I met her on an early sunny morning next to the lake. She bought me a coffee, and that’s when I knew we’d get along. Instantly we fell into conversation about the creative hustle that is being a dreamer. Bryanna is a runner. Unexpectedly so. She began doing a little bit every morning, keeping up with the mantra that even if she only showered at the gym that she’d be on her way to a healthier life. Over a year later, she’s getting 1st place in local races and qualifying to the Boston Marathon. She is, as they say, 100% badass. And completely inspirational. 

Her newfound passion? Inspiring others to get out there and run! Do a little every day, make a big healthy impact. Check out her instagram for regular updates in her journey, tips for newbs, and opportunities to connect with other passionate & active people. Her handle is @bryannawoo. 

And keep scrolling to see our morning running along the lake!