Jackie + Phillip

A few months ago I received an email from Jackie that told me the story of how they came to be. Through high school, long distance, moves, and so much change, you wouldn't know how much they've accomplished just by looking at them. 

They met in their 7th grade home economics class in California. Though they had many more classes together, Jackie remembered Phillip as the guy who was always late to 6th period. I mean, being "fashionably late" is fashionable for reason, right?! You never know what kind of impression you're going to make. 

Fast forward through high school (oh, how I wish that was a real thing). Jackie and Phillip became fast friends, helping each other with homework, and even eventually fell in love. They graduated, worked summer jobs together, and then finally Phillip shipped out for the Navy. These two hadn't been apart since they met. And so began an arduous long haul of months spent apart. But luckily, Phillip had a plan. He proposed during his Christmas leave and they got married in July 2015. They've spent more time apart over the last two years than they'd rather admit to. But as Jackie says, every homecoming is their chance to fall in love all over again. 

Now trying to acclimate to Washington, the two are embarking on new adventures left and right. I had the privilege of showing them around one of my favorite state parks. We shot until blue hour and ventured into the tall grass. You two were a joy to work with, and such a great example of love. And for all ya'll reading this, take inspiration from their favorite quote ..."Life will take you to unexpected places but love brings you home."

And hey YOU! Yeah YOU! Don't think you have to be engaged or getting married to get bomb pictures of you and your boo. Celebrate every step of the journey. 


Karen KirschComment