Veronica + Grant

I met Veronica while we were in college. Bubbly in spirit and always down for an adventure, she oozes happiness. So when she called me to do a session for her and her boyfriend, I was thrilled! She explained that they had been together for over a year and still had no great pictures together. For Valentine's Day she decided they would fix that, and so we set a date to explore Gas Works Park together with my camera.

I hadn't met her boyfriend, Grant, yet. But after an hour out in the sunshine with them, I could totally tell he was head over heels for Veronica. 

They chatted quietly to each other and laughed. I felt like I was getting an insider's look into their day to day romance. 

It's always great to see friends so in love. And it's even better to know when they have found a partner to match their style. 

We ran around in the sunshine and watched it slowly set over the Seattle skyline. 
They were such great sports and I hope to take pictures with them again!

Karen KirschComment