Sammie + Matt

Some people are fortunate enough to have a best friend for their entire life. They meet in preschool or something, and that's it. That person knows you inside and out, and it doesn't matter how long you go without seeing them. You just pick up where you left off, like nothing has changed. That is how I feel about Sammie. Though we didn't meet until halfway through college, we are life long, bosom buddies. 

After College, Sammie joined Teach for America and spent two years teaching in Phoenix, Arizona. We spent almost every day together while we lived in Bellingham. So when she left, it was really hard on both of us. But now, three years later we've found a routine. It isn't perfect, but luckily airplanes were invented for needs such as this. Now, established in her career, this lovely lady has found her self a man to spend her life with. 

I hadn't met him yet, and it seemed like a crime! So I took the long Memorial Day weekend to change that. Matt is a dream. He loves Sammie, and I can just tell that she has found her partner. While we walked through old town in Scottsdale, I could hardly get Matt to stop making her laugh. It almost seemed like a shame to do so. 

Once we warmed up, we headed to the desert botanical gardens. Being from Seattle, I don't get to experience dry hot weather. And I certainly don't get to see the intricate landscape the desert has to offer. We walked through a series of different cactus and succulent gardens, basking in the soft golden light. It was a dream! Well, here they are! The desert princess and the cowboy. Congratulations you two! I cannot wait until your wedding. 

Karen KirschComment