Charlson + Paulson Gang

It's very rare for me to be able to say that I've had a friend since kindergarten. But with Sarah and her sister Kaitlin, it's true. I remember riding the bus with Sarah on the very first day of school. At the time, we both had beauty marks on our noses, our hair brunette, our eyes dark brown. I could have sworn I had just met my twin. And now, our lives are very different. But not completely, we both have blondie, blue eyed, nephews named Henry. And boy, was he a hoot! 

Sarah lives in New York now. Her sister is married to Garret and they run the wonderful soups + mixes business, Thyme + Season based out of Issaquah. I had the great pleasure of having a mini reunion with this family over the summer, and boy did we have some fun in the woods. Check it out !!