Tammy + Guy

I met Tammy over Facebook. One day, I was checking my messages and I noticed that there was a little (1) next to the message requests. To my surprise it was legit! It was Tammy! She had heard of me through a friend and wanted to do a summer session. To me, and I think many folks would agree, that the biggest compliment I get as a photographer is when people refer me to their friends. So, on this muggy and soggy August morning, it was time to make some magic. 

It's really easy for me to get into the mode of shooting while I am with a family. I am in my head, thinking of the next creative pose, checking my settings, and watching the light constantly. The session ends and usually take a huge breath, in and out, relieved and happy with myself. But as I edited Tammy + Guy's session this huge wave of appreciation and awe waved over me. Oh! How I wish I could have spent more time with their family. I mean, do you see how BEAUTIFUL they are?!

So many laughs and surprisingly intimate moments are living within this reel. Thanks for letting me a part of it, T+ G.