Portrait Project: Meet Serene

Serene is pretty much as beautiful as her name...but more so. I met her when she was a freshman living on my floor in Buchanan Towers. Our relationship started off pretty typically. As she unpacked her first apartment, I popped my head in and energetically introduced myself. Wide-eyed and quietly she said hello, and for those of you not in the know, that's RA speak for, "Please go away happy-crazy stranger." But over the first few months she slowly started opening up. Mostly because I kept bugging her to have a 1:1 with me and also because we could bond over horrible Alexis Bledel movies.

Serene is SMART! And completely clever. She became one of my closest friends that year, helping me through tough times as much as I also tried to help her navigate through that first school year. Today, she is a fancy engineering business woman whom I am extremely proud to call my friend. So enough of me bragging, meet Serene!

Serene says...
*note: interviews are not word for word!

  1. What is one word to describe you right now?
    Stuck. (And then we had a really awesome conversation, very much reminiscent of our RA-Resident days...*swoons*)
  2. What is your astrological sign? Do you think it is accurate?
    Scorpio. I think it's interesting because I feel like Scorpio has a bad rep. It literally states, "this is the misunderstood sign"! They are fun to read and my mom likes to read them. Last one I read said, "You need to look for a new career path." *laughs*
  3. What are you currently "netflixing & chilling" to?
    Brooklyn 99. It's super funny! But you gotta Hulu it...Is "Hulu Hopping" a thing? It's the same genre like the office.
  4. Describe your perfect day. Money is not object, but you still live in the same routines.
    I would quit my job. *laughs* Get up around 8 or 9 and go to Zumba class. Then I'd go to the spa, just because I could, and get a nice "wake me up" massage. Then I'd eat brunch at a nice place, and oh yeah, it must be summer time. Then I'd go boating with friends and just hang out on the water. We'd barbecue and make a bon fire. It'd be the perfect combo of a little bit of me time and then a little bit of friend time.
  5. What is your favorite memory from college?
    My favorite memories are all from the tournament trips I would go on with the frisbee team. We'd all pile into a car, drive a lot, find a place and all pile into a house. So much fun. Also... roll orange (whattup 8th floor reference!)
  6. What fad or trend do you wish would come back?
    I would like high waisted pants to come back. And I wish actual Saturday morning cartoons on local networks would come back. 

Serene, dear! You are a simply the best. I can't wait until you move back up to the Seattle area... we'll make a bon fire. Thanks for coming over! 

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