Laurel + Jason


I love hanging out with quiet couples. You have to lean in and listen to understand what they have between the two of them. Laurel and Jason represent an unlikely love story, and they hold it with that kind of quiet confidence which is so captivating.


We met up at Laurel’s house on a late afternoon, where I found the two still sleepy from the night before. It’s not usual for them to stay up past midnight, but hey, when a friend is moving away you do it. Shortly after arriving, we headed outside to her garden and began to tidy things up.


It was here that I could see their attraction in action. If you asked Jason, Laurel’s lure lies in her kindness. And you could see that as she gingerly removed weeds, got excited by her tomatoes, and watered each inch she could. And with Jason, Laurel says his most magnetic quality is his genuineness. You ask him how he is today and most likely you’ll hear, “I’m actually really good.”

... I mean! Woah. These two have their heads on straight if you ask me.


Laurel and Jason met working behind the counter at Broadcast Coffee. They were introduced on her first day and though she doesn’t remember that interaction, Jason does. He remembers thinking, “Hey, the new girl is cute.” And from then on, they naturally found ways to strike up a conversation. Laurel remembers the times he would walk through the door and thinking, “Oh good! I want to talk to him.”

In my short life, I realize a good thing when I hear it. Natural attraction cannot be beat.


Today you’ll find them putzing around the kitchen together, taking long neighborhood walks, participating in community events and activist demonstrations, or sipping a cold beer at a good local bar. They take each day as it comes, keeping an eye out for something fun to arise. I am thankful for these two. They are so accepting of each other, and of other people. They are patient and thoughtful, real and down-to-earth. If you ever need a relaxing presence to post up next to, find Laurel and Jason. For now, take a scroll through their spontaneous date around the central district and the hill. I’m sure you’ll feel at ease.

Take a walk and bring a camera. Don't forget those small moments. You never know what you're going to find in the every day. Hit that contact button to see what you and your boo could create. 

peace and love bombs forever,