Lara + Ben


When you sit down, and the couple sitting across from you tells you that they won’t be having a wedding cake, you know that you’re not sitting with the typical kind of couple. And so you ask them, “what will you be having instead?” And then they reply, “gin and tonics”.

Let us all pause for a moment of praise.
*insert praise hands here*


Ben is fun.
Lara is spirited.
And together they create this magical explosion of energy.

As we sat on a rooftop in Ballard, Ben explained his first impression of Lara. He told me about the many nights they spent dancing in Bellingham (shout out to Rumors!) as friends and he realized how hard it was to keep up with her. She just had fun and didn’t care about who got in her way. He wrapped Lara up and quickly added that he loved being the one trying to keep up with her.


Earlier, I told you Ben is fun. But actually Lara told me that Ben is fun. It says so, just look at his contact name in her phone. “He is the life of the party, and that’s how he’s always been”, she said. She looked at me, her eyes lit up, and that was all she had to say.  Ben willing to try anything at least once, even hiking through the snow just to find a field of wildflowers to propose in.


As we hung out in the late summer sun, I realized something pretty awesome about Ben and Lara. They can talk about anything and not stop. And it isn’t anything deep or profound, their words just bounce off of each other into one beautiful tableau. I swear, they could be talking about the muppets one minute and current events the next without missing a beat. It feels like a party just sitting there with them. And we hadn’t even started taking pictures yet.

Don’t miss out on the party, folks. Check out our stroll around Ballard and Discovery Park and get ready for a great ride ahead. Here’s to adventuring forever, my friends.