Sarah + Nick


I met Sarah in high school. When everyone was pairing off into cliques and gossip circles, you'd find us in the back of a math class talking about musicals and Jane Austen. She was the most normal and loving person I knew in those crazy teenage years. To this day, that hasn't changed. And so when I heard she was engaged to Nick, it felt as though the bleak world we live in snagged another huge win. These two are a dynamic, book reading, coffee drinking duo.

On their first date, these two went to the ever famous Ballard Matador happy hour to spilt some nachos. Sarah walked in to find a handsome fella, quietly sitting at their table, reading, and waiting for her. 

Ya'll. I have known Sarah since we are 16 years old. And to hear that this was the first memory Sarah has of Nick, I am surprised she didn't just propose to him right on the spot. 

Nick looked up from his book and noticed Sarah's eyes right away. Again, ya'll, this man was made for her. Sarah always says that you can tell the most about a person by looking into their eyes. So for him to notice her eyes first ... you connect the dots! 

Ok, that's enough of this old high school friend squealing... 

It's easy to say that a couple newly engaged is going to last forever. All of the joy bottled up inside just oozes out. But when you get to hang out with these two, you know that their love is grounded so deep and the joy is wholly founded. They are kind. They are loyal. And I cannot wait to see what this powerhouse has in store for the future.

Nick and Sarah are the epitome of authenticity. I feel so happy that your hearts found each other. And I am so excited for your wedding in November!