Blind Wine Date - Documented!


It's not every day that someone out of the blue emails you to ask if they can send you free wine. But that was the case for me about a month ago when Oregon wine company, Rainstorm Wines, reached out to me. Free wine in exchange for a bit of a plug. If you know me even a little, I couldn't resist. So I said yes to their proposal. Com'on now, you'd say yes to that too! Yes, this is an #ad. BUT NOT THE KIND YOU'VE SEEN BEFORE! There are twists and turns left in this tale.

A couple days later, I logged on to the good ol' Facebooks. I asked if there was a couple in love out there that would like to get some pictures taken and share a bottle of wine while they were at it. And then a funny thing happened, one by one my single friends started responding, "Set me up!" and echos of "that's a great idea" started pouring in. So I did what any good boss lady would do, I listened to my audience.

That's where our two friends come into play.

Meet Maia, a spunky registered dietitian who is one of the best humans I know. We lived next to each other Freshman year of college and we've kept in touch ever since. She climbs mountains, lifts crazy heavy weights, cooks fresh veggies on the regular, and just really knows how to have a good time. I go to her for new music finds, crazy last minute adventures, and good long talks about life. She's kind of a dynamo if you ask me.

Now meet Johnny, a pro chef who has become a very good friend of mine only recently. We met in the jungles of the Yucatan late last year while we participated in a once-in-a-lifetime retreat and bonded over bad jokes and pool parties. He moved to Seattle in November and I provided the welcome wagon. While not cooking amazing food, you can find him on his bike, writing his next podcast episode, or making furniture for his new home. He is a real clever and genuine person - a catch some might say! So it seemed pretty obvious to me that these two should meet. 


So what would happen if I documented a blind date between these two while they shared a bottle of a pinot noir rosé? What would I see through my viewfinder? Would they even get along? Two things I knew for sure:

  1. We'd all have a good laugh at the end, love connection or not.
  2. Good wine was in our future.

That's when we all threw caution to the wind and spent a late Sunday afternoon together on my sister's unfinished deck. And was there a love connection? I will let ya'll be the judge.

And what about that wine? If you're looking for a dark rosé wine that is light and unique - check out Rainstorm Wines! Yes, Maia and Johnny shared with me (thanks guys!). And big thanks to Rainstorm Wines for reaching out. What a weird and wonderful world we live in.


Sending love bombs,


Karen Kirsch1 Comment