My birthday wish.

Hello dear reader! Today is my birthday. And I have a special wish that I'd like to share with you.


My birthday wish is this: I hope you chase your dreams as I chase mine. Climb that proverbial mountain and don’t stop, all the while knowing that some days you’ll take bigger steps than others. But just remember: even a small creep forward is forward motion.

Find the thing that helps you see the world better and challenges you to be a more present and driven version of yourself. Let me tell you more about what I'm talking about. You see, my world changed after I took this picture:


Sure, it’s sepia toned and a definitely outdated in style. And sure, it was taken on a weak point and shoot Sony that didn't have the best picture quality. But the moment this picture popped back into my viewfinder, I stopped seeing the world in the way I always. Why, might you ask? And HOW? Well, I’ll tell you.

I grew up going to this beach, Cannon Beach, almost every single year. It’s a pretty famous one around the PNW, and some may even say it’s overrated (which I never will). The landscape is etched into my brain like a memory tattoo. I know every crack and crease of the Haystack, the smell of the ocean in the morning, and the feeling of the cool, light sand between my toes. But when I took this picture, I saw something different, something I had never seen before. Quite literally. I had noticed how the sand scatters itself along the sea grass, exalting this big rock. And more importantly, I had never thought about looking at the Haystack through the sea grass’s eyes. I was stuck in the big picture and had failed to notice the tiny details and different perspectives.    

Now, you may be thinking I’m crazy at this point. That’s fair. But the ability to see the everyday world that you feel like you know so well with different eyes is an amazing exercise. Bernice Abbott once said about photography, “Photography doesn’t teach you how to express your emotions; it teaches you how to see”.

And that perfectly sums up what this blurry image means to me.

My dream is not about becoming a famous photographer. My dream is about understanding the world around me better, helping people feel safer in their own skin, and maybe even inspire other people to chase what helps them do the same.


These days you can find me dreaming up weird ideas like the image above. But you know what? It means something to me. When I think of these two, Tim and Laura (who you should check out), this image is what automatically comes to mind. It’s abstract, but when you think about it, it so perfectly sums up their partnership: Individuals, vulnerable enough to be intertwined. And you know what’s cooler? Maybe this picture means something TOTALLY different to you. To me, that’s art. And that’s life. 

Boy, do I want to wake up and keep going! This is what makes me happy and full of purpose.


So be brave, my dear reader. And go exploring. Find that thing that helps you see the world better and in a different light. Find that thing that brings sunshine to your own life and the lives around you. I’m rooting for you. And hey, let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to be of help if I can.