find GOOD friends.

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I don’t have a lot to share with you this week. I am coming down from an incredibly busy and fulfilling month of non-stop creativeness. And I am not going to lie, I am pretty damn drained.  And when I’m drained, I’m tired, anxious, and a bit floaty in the head (that’s what I call distracted).

But I do want to remind you of something – find yourself GOOD friends. Friends who not only believe in your dreams, but demand that you follow them. Friends who are chasing dreams, too, and bring you along for the ride. These folks are your dream team and will create so many opportunities for you that I can’t even list them! They are your network, your lifeblood, your ticket to ride!  

mah girls! Kristina, Chelsea, AND Michelle. We make up  {pulse} Yoga Retreats . And it's a freaking blast.

mah girls! Kristina, Chelsea, AND Michelle. We make up {pulse} Yoga Retreats. And it's a freaking blast.

If you’ve got friends questioning your creative dreams – call them out or drop ‘em like a hot pancake. That negativity isn’t worth it. You may think that they know you so well so they, “have a good point.” But what I say to that is this – THEY AREN’T LISTENING TO YOU.

You are evolving. Growing. Changing. Get you the friends that understand that and are so excited for you.

As the old saying goes, “Invest in people who invest in you.”


love you boo. let me know how you're doing.