{pulse} - june 2018

This past June, I met up with several strangers on a misty Friday night on a farm past the beach. No, this is not the start to some spooky campfire story. Rather, it's the start to a recap of one really happy, really connected weekend with 16 local yogis in the lush, beachy wilderness of Nehalem, OR. I'm talking about {pulse}. We stayed on a rad hippie farm, ate up big yums from my #1 chef gal pal Kristina, and flowed to the goddess magics of Michelle and Chelsea. 


The whole point of {pulse} Yoga Retreats is to connect with the nature surrounding yourself, and that includes yourself and the friends with you. Which is probably the most important point of all. So, here's my question: if you allowed yourself to be enveloped into the present, strange, moment, where do you think you'll end up?


Maybe you'll find some time to catch up with your sister, armed with a quiet porch and a warm cup of tea.


Or maybe you'll put on some comfy clothes, sit in the sun and the sand with your best pal for life, with no agenda at all.

kirschphotography-38 (1).jpg

But I don't know, maybe you'll spend some time alone. And who knows? Maybe you'll be excited by the intricate ridges the leaves on the tree have to offer.


It could be high-time to honor that work-wifey you love so much and cement that ride-or-die into friendship history.


It could be your birthday, and it's long past time you've celebrated it right. Reconnect, breathe in some fresh air, and live. it. UP!


And maybe you're that rad chic who has already packed up her car and is ready ANY adventure that's ahead. Live out those wild dreams, babe.


But I do know this... you're ready to get cozy and meet some new, good, people. Maybe y'all won't solve the world's problems in one weekend, but some good ol' fashion laugh therapy is a good start.


So grab ya boo and get ready for a friendly good time in a new place, with nourishing food, and a much needed reset for your body and mind. Learn more about our upcoming retreat in {joshua tree} this January by heading over to: https://www.pulseyogaretreats.com/ ... we'd love to see you there.


You may just be introduced to a new side of yourself along the way...

And check out more of our {nehalem} adventure below!

that's all for now, dear readers. have a great weekend!