Devin + Joe

I met Devin right after we graduated college, even though we went to the same school we had never met before. She was my first real adult roommate and we also became fast friends. She was in her first year of teaching and I was in my first year of my quarter-century crisis. Many nights were spent in the kitchen talking about our jobs and what we wanted out of our lives. Those long nights have become treasured memories and Devin has become one of those friends that I know I'll have for life. She's grounded as all get out, honestly funny, positive at all times, and loving no matter what. 

Which leads me to Joe! I met Joe shortly after meeting Devin. They had just started dating, and doing it long distance to boot. I knew it was hard on both of them, but when I got to meet Joe I knew instantly what Devin saw in him. He's quietly got the biggest heart in the room, he's equally as funny as Devin, he's smart and driven, and doesn't try to make anything too complicated. Seeing them together always feels comforting. And when I heard they were getting married, I couldn't contain my excitement. And then when I heard they wanted me to take their engagement photos, it was time to party! 

See for yourself, this couple knows what's up. 

Meet Devin + Joe

  1. When did you know that this relationship was it?
    Joe: *smiles" There was not one particular moment. But after our 1st year anniversary, I started to know. That first year went so fast, and the way we eased into things just felt right. 
    Devin: There wasn't just one time. I knew when I started telling my friends that I didn't need to fix what wasn't broken. My friends put a lot of pressure on me to label us. I felt at peace with where things were, and I didn't see it ending. 
  2. What did you think of your S/O the first night you met?
     I just felt happy to make a new connection. 
    Devin: I felt like people were just trying to set me up. I didn't need to have men pushed on me at a party. And so when I met him, I genuinely thought he was just some guy. We saw each other again and actually hung out, and after that I just told myself, "We'll see if he calls"
    Joe: And I was just hoping it wouldn't be too weird to make plans again.
  3. What was the most surprising thing to learn about your S/O?
    How creative he is! He hand-makes all the cards he gives to you. 
    Joe: How down to earth she is. Technology doesn't phase her or interest her. She's just rock solid. 
    *lots of laughs*
  4. What's been your favorite date so far?
    Recently, he was responsible for planning a date. Which I love! We painted ceramics, went to tipsy cow, took the day and just walked around. It was supposed to be a surprise but I guessed it. *Haha* It was very low pressure and low key, and something we hadn't done together. 
    Joe: We have dates just often enough that they're all great. There was this one time we went to Camano Island State Park, we wore our swim suits but never went into the water. I don't know, dates like that are the best. Little day trips, just the two of us.
  5. What do you appreciate most about your S/O?
    I appreciate that you put up with me. My head is always up in the clouds, and you're not afraid to reel me back in. 
    Devin: Two things. His patience, which sometimes can't be the easiest with me. And I also appreciate how much he cares about his family, and mine as an extension of me. 

You two are simply the best. I can't wait until your big day. Thank you for being such great friends and even better examples of what an exceptional partnership can look like. 

Cheers to you!