Portrait Project: Meet Alaina

This pretty lady came into my life just 9 short months ago. During the day, we work together at one of the coolest places on earth, a Before and After School Site for Elementary School kids (the best kids!) And over the course of the last few months, she has become way more than a co-worker. She is my friend. She's my source of positivity, laughter, and support. We found out that we share a love of good coffee and meaningful conversations. So recently, we decided to put those two things together at one of our coffee shops and we ended up talking the afternoon away. 

Meet Alaina! She's a great mom, a best friend, a lady on a mission, and overall amazing person to know. But don't trust me, find out for yourself.



Alaina Says...
*note interview isn't word for word!

  1. What's one word to describe you right now?
    CONFIDENT. I have never been able to say that before.
  2. Describe your perfect day.
    My perfect day would be sleeping in as long as I want, enjoying some time at home, and then going tout to spend some quality time with someone that I am close with. It's got to be sunny. We would walk around the mall, do some driving, and just be spontaneous. No plans really, just finding cool things to see and having fun. Really, my perfect day is what I think a perfect summer day is like.
  3. Where is your happy place?
    My happy place is Orcas Island. It's a home away from home for me and it contains some of my favorite memories from growing up.
  4. Which fad do you wish would come back?
    Those leggings/stretchy pants from the 90s that wrapped around your feet. Gosh, those were comfy.
  5. Coffee or Rock Star?
    Coffee. I can have more than 1 a day and not feel guilty about it! 
  6. What's your favorite music these days?
    I really like alternative/indie electronic music. Whatever it is, the music has to be focused on the singing. 

Alaina! My dear! I feel so lucky that we know each other. You're a beautiful person, inside and out. And I can't wait to see where the future takes you. Keep riding that confidence train, it looks good on you. Oh, and P.S., HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 

Karen KirschComment