I'm cooking up something special, just in time for the holidays ....


Hello my dear friend who is reading this blog....

This is not my normal post. BUT ... I wanted to give you an update about the happenings going on in this universe that I call my business! I’ve spent almost every weekend this entire year capturing real life love stories. I’ve played basketball at Greenlake, learned about the personal steins at Kiss Cafe, ventured up mountains, danced through the sunset at Discovery Park, gardened in the Central District, and so much more. (Check out my little highlight reel down below!) Maybe you've kept with me through it all? If you have, I am so thankful. If you haven't, I am even more thankful that you chose to click this link. I can't tell you how beside myself with gratitude I am feeling these days. So, thank you. I really mean it.

I've been doing what I've been doing all in the pursuit of learning from real life love. It's all been totally inspiring and pretty life changing. And so as you can imagine, I’m not stopping!


I’m writing this all out tonight because I’m hoping to bring this experience to more couples.

I’m writing this all out tonight because I’m hoping to bring this experience to more couples. I’ve got a few special client spots open for December and I was wondering if you knew of anyone who has a love story that needs capturing? Or maybe YOU WOULD like to have some special time with your boo!? 

Or, maybe you know someone who’s stumped for what to get their boo for the holidays and is looking for a really unique gift? Surprise sessions are my favorite sort … just sayin!

If you’re nodding your head yes right now, I’m cooking up something special for next month. We’ll be heating up a chic (new!) Seattle studio, sipping on holiday spirits, and capturing love in real time. If that’s something you or a friend or two of yours would be interested in, would you let me know?? Connect us (send them my "contact me" link!) so I can invite them to grab a beer and talk more!

I really hope this upcoming holiday season is fantastic for you! I am so excited to see what is ahead in the New Year for all of us.

So how are you, friend? I would love to hear from you.  Write in the comments about what's new in your life and what you're looking forward to!

Sending all the love bombs your way,