Tanner + Vivian


When I think about Tan + Viv, the picture above is pretty accurate of what I imagine. These two are a wonderful example of what it means to have a solid foundation. They are incredibly busy people, especially with the lady of the house currently getting her PhD n' all. But, when they are together, they envelope one another, wholeheartedly. 


When I asked Vivian to describe her hubby, she told me that he is the most kind person she knows. Speaking from personal experience, as he helped me down a mountain after a 20+ mile hike, I would 100% agree. She added with a smirk, "he makes me laugh so much." And again, that is a completely accurate statement. 


And then I asked Tanner about his lady. As I listened to his answer, I was clearly reminded of what he said on their wedding day. She is, "a great human, over-the-top hard-worker, THE organizer". I laughed out loud when he said that last one. For the six years I've known her, SHE has been behind some of the funnest memories I have on hand. She knows how to have a good time, and she knows how to surround herself with her most favorite people. It is a character trait I know many of us admire. 


I asked them both what would constitute as their perfect day. To no surprise, they described a lovely slow day, full of coffee, their pup, reading, gardening, and of course, loads of friends. So that's what we did together. I came over and they prepped a ton of food, we went for a walk with their dog, and then we partied. I couldn't ask for a better way to spend a Tanner + Vivian kind of day. Check out our lazy Sunday, and start dreaming of your own ...  

It's a blessing to be in your circle, you two. 

much love,

Karen KirschComment